Advisory approach

Hannover Consulting is an innovative company in the sector of business consulting for sustainable development. We differ natural systems and artificial systems, which carry out in correlation with each other.

Our advisory approach is based especially on appreciation of organizations and humans as individuals with regard to the uniqueness and in connection with its social levels of effect. Our task is to identify the individual values of persons and companies and to support and assist these values in an effective constructive development.

Simultaneously we take the developments of the future research into consideration, e.g. the digitalization and the changed working world regarding to the demands and the competences in a globalized economy.

The applied innovative methods and tools for that and as well in the development of organization and personnel, e.g. agile company systems, psychological potential assessments and coaching, project consulting and support, are scientifically substantiated, proved in practice and in the company context successful validated.

In consideration of the individual aspirations of our clients we have an interdisciplinary consulting platform, that makes it possible to realize a professional implementation in many respects.
Your individuality paired with social competence shape your success.

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