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Change Management

"There is nothing permanent except change." (Heraclitus of Ephesus)

Each organization is a "vital system" which changes in consequence of external and internal impulses as well as new requirements.

Important for the company management is to shape proactively the own constancy and the continuance considering the constantly growing dynamic.

This applies in terms of functionality (e.g. structures, sequences, processes) as well as in regard of the social emotional level (e.g. culture, communication, creativity, performance). The creation of value within the meaning of establishing additional benefit plays an essential role.

We develop individual strategic concepts for your Change Management, preferably in terms of a "Learning Organization", in which the employees are a part and parcel of the respective change, so that they shape actively and continuously the degree of maturity of their own and the organization itself.

This development approach is based on confidence, appreciation and cooperation. The results thereof have a long-term durability and can take the maximum effect.

Our consulting services:

Our consulting services

Operative consulting and support of processes and projects:

In accordance with the current demand we consult and support you on the practical action-oriented implementation level, in form of

  • Project control (supervision team: dynamic implementation of several subprojects)
  • Project management (specific implementation in coordination with the decision-making level)
  • Project support/ coaching (as required, e.g. in the event of missing dynamic implementation, resistances, conflicts, for the appreciating group control for solution-oriented approach – support of the creative potential, handling with difficult situations)


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