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Coaching and development of personality

"Provide clarity and achieve aims, where these are missing."


Our consulting services:

In focus of this developmental work is the individual person with the individual needs, aims, behavioral patterns, strengths and weaknesses as well as the actionability in the daily practice according to the present and future demands.

Coaching aims:
  • activation of resources, ability to regenerate, motivation
  • problem clarification, supporting consulting and support in solving the problem
  • assistance of self-discovery and self-realization
  • Unterstützung bei der Selbstfindung und Selbstverwirklichung
  • improvement of the actionability
Topics for coaching are e.g.
  • analysis of potentials, strengths and weaknesses, development in consultation
  • regulation of emotions, emotional intelligence, emotional competence, resilience
  • empathy and perceptive faculty, authenticity
  • capacity for teamwork and social competences, constructive handling with conflicts
  • identify and if necessary change unconscious behavioral patterns, break of mental blockades
  • ability to handle with confrontations, assertiveness
  • delimitation and permeability for an optimal capacity to act
  • self-acceptance and external acceptance, integration capacity
  • overcome the own uncertainty and get self-confidence
  • self-determination and external determination
  • calmness and stress management, work-life-balance
  • capability to differentiate, change of perspectives
  • effect and correlation regarding environment, demeanor, rhetoric
  • ...

Our common coaching process:

Coaching and development of personality

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