Symbolfoto Development of personnel / Development of competence

Development of personnel / Development of competence

"Changes lead to changes."


The development of personnel and organization work hand in hand. After the strategical decision follows the operative implementation. It is the key task of the development of personnel to develop the necessary competences for the present and the future to achieve the aspired aims.

Two ways to develop personnel:

  1. 1. Oriented towards the past: The development is based on experiences in the past (e.g. by performance assessments). Differences are optimized or existing skills are further trained.
  2. 2. Oriented in the future: Measures for the personnel development are formulated and realized on the base of a potential analysis for future competences (e.g. management of talent, development of managers, etc.)

Our consulting services:

Together we conceptualize customized measures for the development of personnel and implement these in consultation with you.

Development of personnel / Development of competence

Themed training (seminars, trainings, workshops):

  • Value awareness and development of a guiding principle, appreciative attitude
  • Change management and culture development (process level and social-emotional level)
  • Psychology/ styles/ instruments of management (Self-management, external management, process management), men and women in leading positions
  • Principles of power and the constructive handling with it, ability to handle with confrontations, communicating psychological strategies
  • Communication psychological aspects in the organization
  • Result-oriented discussions, difficult conversations, efficient leading of meetings
  • Conflict management, conflict moderation, emotional intelligence in communication
  • Psychology, methods of motivation, ability to motivate oneself and others
  • Objective and social emotional development of teams based on phases, lead teams
  • Moderation of groups and the control of group dynamical processes
  • Support of creativity and innovation, technics of creativity, realization of ideas
  • Holistic process and project management
  • Self-organization and time management
  • Verbal communication like rhetoric and psychology of words as well as nonverbal communication like body language, demeanor and effects
  • Emotional intelligence and emotional competence, constructive shaping of emotions with negative contents, management of crises
  • Self-perception and outside perception, authenticity
  • Differentiated awareness of the function and position in the organization
  • Delegation within the cooperative style of management
  • Conduct of negotiations: strategic, motivated, result-oriented, tactical, objective and emotional, action and need oriented
  • Complaint management
  • Models of stress and burnout prevention, work-life-balance, construction of the emotional stability
  • Interviews with employees and employees who come back to work from long sickness


Our inhouse seminars are structured individually in accordance with the aspired results, the present capabilities and the available resources.

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