Professional organizational and personnel development is our passion since 1997.

"It is not possible to do economic activity alone." We consult and support organisations on the functional level as well as on the social-emotional level.

It is our aim to form long-term and future-oriented organisations and persons on based on cooperation and empathy.

Trust our quality characteristics:

  • systemic, i.e. oriented in resources and solutions
  • development-promoting and forward-thinking
  • appreciative and integer
  • individual and social competent

Development of organization / Change Management / Cultural Change

"There is nothing permanent except change."

Symbolfoto development of organization

Trainer team development

"Grow and flourish together."

Symbolfoto trainer team development

Development of managers

"Sustainable development means to make decisions today, which save the present and the future."

Symbolfoto development of managers

Development of personnel / Development of competence

"Changes lead to changes."

Symbolfoto development of personnel & competence

Coaching and development of personality

"Provide clarity and achieve aims, where these are missing."

Symbolfoto coaching and development of personality

Management of personnel

Human Resources: "human as an additional value"

Symbolfoto management of personnel

Green Evolution

An initiative for a sustainable economy
Think globally, act regionally: each contribution makes a difference

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